DIY Superhero Craft Kit for Kids set of 3 | Etsy

You'll love my Superhero Craft Kit. Make these fun little popsicle stick superheroes however you want! Each kit makes 3 heroes. Perfect for a summer kids craft, birthday party, retirement home craft, Father's Day craft, or school activity. I now have 4th of July Superheroes and Girl Superheroes. Don't worry about searching around for all the items you need, I'll do that for you. Each kit comes in it's own bag ready for crafting! These popsicle stick craft kits are wildly popular for birthday parties. I do accept bulk orders and I usually offer a discount for bulk orders. Message me for details on bulk orders. These make fun 4th of July or Father’s Day craft kits! And I do bulk orders with discounted shipping for large groups. Message me for details. Each kit includes enough items to make 3 superheroes: * craft sticks * capes (blue and red) * googly eyes * star stickers Glue and markers are not included. This allows you to use what you have or like best. However, I do recommend using a fine tip marker (such as Sharpie) for drawing any small details, otherwise any markers will do. Colors and exact items may vary. *Not a finished product. Glue not included. SEE MY OTHER CRAFT KITS: