Saving with Sarah: Harry Potter Potion Bottles DIY + FREE Printable!

Harry Potter Project Part 1 : Potion Bottles I've finally started the Harry Potter DIY Christmas gifts for my daughter. For the tutorials, I'll begin with the Potion Bottles because they are easily adaptable for Halloween. There really is no wrong way to do these, so give it a try and have fun! For my daughter's set, I'm going with mainly ingredients vs potions. There will be a potion book to accompany the bottles later and I want her to be able to pretend to mix up her potions. POTIONS: What ingredients to use? There is an extensive list of Harry Potter potion ingredients here and most of them have descriptions to help you when deciding what to add to the bottles. BOTTLES: I purchased a few of the cooler bottles, but all for $1 or less. I also re-purposed several bottles I had on hand (bath and body works candles, food jars) and I bought a few mini wines, champagnes and shots at the liquor store (yes, I drank the contents - I do what I have to do!). Here are some of the bottles I purchased (these go on sale often): 3" with cork, square bottle, heart bottle, I actually found one bottle pre-filled with little wish bones at Hobby Lobby! LABELS: I had a difficult time finding free labels for the ingredients I wanted to use. Let me be clear, a google search will pull up oodles of labels, but that does not mean they are free! Many of them are meant to be purchased from the creator on etsy and such. Hey, if you don't mind spending a few bucks there are LOTS of nice labels to be purchased. For me however, I decided to make my own. I printed them on regular printer paper, aged them with tea bags, and burnt the edges. I also opted to hand write a few of them. I attached the labels using the glues I had on hand (mod podge, diamond glaze). You can download the Harry Potter Ingredient Labels I made for FREE here! Here are a few links to FREE (yes, really free) Harry Potter Labels by other wonderful DIYers: *Update some links have been removed from blogs that no longer exist :( Harry Potter Drink Printables by Over The Big Moon Harry Potter Potion Printables by Over the Big Moon FILLING THE BOTTLES: I really wanted my daughter to be able to play with these. That meant no liquids and contents that aren't too messy. You'll find that many of the online tutorials for Harry Potter Potions use Elmer's Glue. While they look very nice, they aren't good for "playing" or keeping to decorate year after year. The Elmer's Glue won't dry all the way thru and you'll need to seal the cork/lid to ensure the liquid won't ooze out. That being said, these video tutorials are great for reference, and the resin feels much like glue while you are working with it. For the liquid filled bottles, I used EnviroTex Lite. This is a 1:1 resin that cures hard and is permanent. This is by far the most expensive part of this project. You can buy it at Michaels or Hobby Lobby with your paper or online coupons to save a bit. The best part about this is that it basically looks cool and lasts forever. Your child can take the cork off the bottle and pretend to pour it into their potions without any mess. Tip: Since this is expensive, use the smaller bottles for "liquids" and be sure to mix small amount to reduce waste. What I used in my resin bottles: Dragon Blood - Food coloring and glue to give it an opaque appearance, Unicorn Blood - Food coloring and glitter, Gillyweed - small stones from my path and leaves from fake floral, Acromantula Venom - just a little food coloring. For the solids I chose non-messy items I had on hand: Mermaid Tears - Table Scatter, Bezoar - Decorative Stone, Rat Tails - I cut them off a package of Dollar Tree mice, Bat Wings - cut off a pkg of Dollar Tree bats, Pufferfish Eyes - Cut the berries off a holiday stem, Mandrake Root - cut fake stem pieces, Flutterbloom - middle of fake floral, Jobberknoll Feather - blue feathers, Spine of Lionfish - cut fake flowers and colored with sharpie, Bouncing Spider Juice - coated the inside of bottle with glue and sparkles, Belladonna - small beads, Scale of Dragon - large sequins. DECORATE: Anything goes here. I used a combination of paints, glues, twine, charms and various leftover crafting supplies to decorate the bottles and lids. **NOTE: All the bottles I made can be opened and played with. Please remember if you have small children, many of the items used in this tutorial can be choking hazards. This project is NOT recommended for small children.** This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may get a commission if you decide to purchase anything from suggested companies. Video coming soon. My next tutorial will be for the Screaming Mandrake Root! Be sure to check back soon. Still to come: Spell Book and Kit Finishing Touches