Meal prep burrito bowls make a great lunch to last the week, plus this version requires zero cooking! Have a healthy lunch ready for the week in 10 minutes!

I personally love taking a few hours over the weekend to prepare lunch, snacks and a few extra foods to use for breakfast and dinner throughout the week. It saves me time and keep me from eating out every day! Meal prep helps me eat clean meals all day long and I’m not having to hit up vending machines or convenience stores because I am starving. Instead I have a lunch bag full of foods to get me through the day. These meal prep burrito bowls are delicious and make a great healthy lunch for the week! What makes them even better? They require NO cooking. None. Zilch. Zero. These healthy meal prep burrito bowls can be made in about 10 minutes and will last you all week long. Here is the key: pre-cooked chicken. I personally chose rotisserie chicken, but you could also use frozen chicken cubes or strips. Yes, I prefer to cook my chicken fresh for my burrito bowls, but sometimes time does not allow for it! Plus, you can’t beat making 4 lunches in 10 minutes, right?! If you have more time then feel free to cook the chicken yourself. I also used canned beans, frozen corn, canned […]