“Sunlight Brunette” Is the Most Low-Maintenance Color for Summer | For those with ultra-dark strands, subtle touches of bronze will keep things natural while still brightening up your mane for summertime. #beautytips #southernliving #skincare #makeuphacks

We won’t deny it: Blondes have long been granted the monopoly share of summertime hair goals. Platinum, golden, honey, and strawberry—these are the colors of summer, we’re told. But what about brunettes who want to stick to their roots? This summer, brown-haired gals are finally getting their day in the sun—with “sunlight brunette.”Coined by stylist Nikki Lee, this hair color is all about brightening up brown strands with touches of sunny color, whether it be gold, honey, caramel, or bronze. From sandy brown to deep mocha, all brunettes can get in on the fun. The best part? It keeps things low maintenance by leaving your natural roots and instead going for strokes of bright color from your temples down to your ends.“Sunlight brunette” proves that there’s plenty of summer color for a brunette belle, too. No touch-ups required. Here are 12 gorgeous examples to show your stylist.