Photography Magic Glass Sphere

Want to Try Some New photography Tricks and make your photo look like a PRO? This Magic Glass Sphere can help! Capture the World in Beautifully Unique Spherical Photo Effects with the one-of-a-kind ShutterSphere!  Create amazing never-before-seen images of unique places, or capture a point-of-view like no other! The uses are endless and the results will always be spectacular! ShutterSphere is made of ultra-clear glass. The glass is incredibly hard, scratch resistant and most commonly used in lenses and optics. It is also very easy to use: When you find that perfect location, simply place it on any surface, point your camera to shoot through the center of the sphere, then press the shutter button.  Instantly, you will create a captivating image that most certainly take your breath away.    This will be a gorgeous addition to your current camera gear that will spark the interest of everyone around you. But the real benefit is that it allows you to capture breathtaking unique images that will wow anyone who sees them. Each ShutterSphere is a one-of-a-kind piece of art that will create it's own unique photo-effects. Each one will have it's own characteristics. No two are alike -  this is what makes the ShutterSphere special.   Specifications : Diameter : 60mm Crystal Glass Sphere