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Learn how to build a raised garden bed for less than $15 per box. With just a few materials and a little time, you can make these cheap raised garden beds.


Genieten van mijn tuin & verder helemaal niets - Anita Home Blog

Genieten van mijn tuin doe ik elke ochtend als ik naar buiten kijk en ik zie dat paradijsje. Een tuin met fijne zithoekjes en heel veel bloeiende planten.


How to use Cinnamon for garden health!

8 ways to use for cinnamon in the garden and on house plants. From rooting hormone to gnat removal, cinnamon can be your gardens best friend!


Kindvriendelijke tuin inrichten - 20 tips voor een kindvriendelijke tuin

Je wilt zelf in de tuin genieten, maar een kindvriendelijke tuin voor je kinderen is ook heel fijn. Met deze tips creëer je de tuin voor je kids en jezelf!


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Give a personalized look to your garden by creating beautiful walkways with stepping stones. We’ve hooked you up with The 11 Best DIY Garden Stepping Stones.


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DIY Raised Garden Beds are a beautiful and functional addition to any vegetable garden. They're easy on the knees and back and easy to maintain!


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Garden Design magazine’s new issue features an antebellum garden rescued from ruin, staghorn ferns as wall art, and a new garden designed around the aged e


Space Saving Bean Teepees

'This is a space saver when growing beans. Above is a small space version of the bean tee pee. Your poles can be wood or bamboo. You want to use 5-6 poles that are at least 6 -7 feet tall. Make a tee pee out of them and tie them at the top. Then you will need to make notches with a knife where you will tie the string. If not the rope will slip down. You can plant a bean plant on each side of the poles (2 between each pole). When they start to grow help guide them and


24 Practical DIY Storage Ideas To Organize Your Lawn And Garden#diy #garden #ideas #lawn #organize #practical #storage


Piazzan: Inspirerande växthus. Del I....och ett tips på var ni kan se bakom kulisserna på hur blomsterarrangemanget på slottet gick till igår.


DIY jardin récup

Pour décorer votre jardin ou votre balcon à moindre coût, misez sur la récup' ! Boîtes de conserves, cagettes et palettes en bois trouvent une seconde vie dans cette sélection de DIY spécial extérieur.


Vergeet niet om de verticale oppervlakten in jouw tuin of op het balkon te benuttigen. Zoals Anna altijd zegt, “Je kan nooit genoeg bloemen of kruiden..

Vergeet niet om de verticale oppervlakten in jouw tuin of op het balkon te benuttigen. Zoals Anna altijd zegt, “Je kan nooit genoeg bloemen of kruiden..


Recycled Wine Bottles Are the Planters You Didn't Know You Needed

Looking for a smaller version? These posh little succulent planters made from cups and saucers are a sweet addition to your garden, indoors or out. 


Je Lelijke Tuinmuur Camoufleren? 8 Prachtige Oplossingen!

Je hebt een prachtige tuin, maar de muur is je een doorn in het oog. Die lelijke tuinmuur camoufleren kan aan de hand van deze 8 oplossingen.


60 tips voor een onderhoudsvriendelijke tuin | De Tuinen van Appeltern

In De Tuinen van Appeltern werken maar acht tuinlieden. Zij onderhouden meer dan 200 tuinen en daarmee het park dat meer 200 voetbalvelden groot is.


DIY Outdoor Garden Bench Ideas Free Plans Instructions

DIY Outdoor Garden Bench Ideas Free Plans Instructions: bench with arbor, the bench around tree, the bench from old chairs, bench from cinder blocks


Honeycomb Garden Trellis | DIY Garden Trellis Tutorial (with video!) | Mama Needs a Project

Learn how to build a DIY garden trellis in a trendy honeycomb style with a free tutorial and downloadable woodworking plans


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Creatieve tuin ideeën

Net als interieurs, kun je tuinen in verschillende soorten stijlen inrichten ...


Une maison de tomates adossée à la maison Instructions de construction pour le bricolage En


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Life Hacks For Living Large In Small Spaces 2017

Living spaces for many of us are becoming smaller. We are often facing the same problem: how to utilize a small space and make it functional and pleasant. If you wish for a big room but live in a s…


Houten speeltoren - tips voor het kiezen van een superleuk speeltoestel

De ene houten speeltoren is de andere niet. Je hebt speeltoestellen met alleen een glijbaan, maar ook met veel accessoires. Lees hier tips voor aanschaf


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These vertical herb gardens make the most of small spaces, in the most stylish way! 3 simple DIY projects that prove you can grow an herb garden anywhere.


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Building a pallet fence could very well be one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to meet your fencing needs. Pallet fences are simple and cheap!


20 Fabulous DIY Garden Art Projects for This Spring

The garden is waking up, and you’re in charge! Your garden in this season should be bright, colorful as Spring gifts to us. Here are 20 fabulous DIY Garden Art Ideas and tutorials collected to get your inspired on making your property the best looking one in the neighborhood. You can recycle some unexpected old […]


25 Fruits and Veggies You Can Grow in Buckets

Not only is bucket gardening a great solution for people with limited space, it has many advantages over traditional gardening.


This soda bottle drip feeder project is a simple and easy way to add water right where your plants want it - at the roots of the plant!


The eclectic garden | homestyle

Creating an upcycled, urban garden has provided all kinds of rewards for this Auckland couple. It began with the simple goal of adding visual value to a barren piece of land. But over the past few years Dave and Phoebe Atkinson have reaped much more from their increasingly lush garden than they could have anticipated. The property, in Forrest Hill on Auckland’s North Shore, is the couple’s first. After moving in, in 2011, they deemed the house to be largely live-able, so got stuck into landscaping the bare section instead. They started by trucking in 30 cubic metres of soil to elevate the back garden and give them a level starting point. Then they planned and implemented every aspect of the landscaping with the long-term look in mind, adding layers of foliage and edible greenery as they went. Their patience has paid off. Five years later, the stunning garden is a point of conversation for visitors and a welcome retreat for the couple. Indeed, meandering through the foliage hearing about the journey they have been on, …